SEO Footer

It is one of the technique followed in OnPage Optimization.This is also an helpful factor is SEO. There are many discussions about this on the Internet whether to use Links in the Footer or not.

What is a Footer ?

Footer is the bottom part of the webpage. Generally it is used to show the Copyright information, Privacy Policy, Contact, About us details. Besides this we can also show links to some important topics like Forums, Blogs, services, About, Products etc. These types links increases the importance of keywords and thus you gain a link to the page. This also helps in easy navigation to the users.

This also helps the crawler to crawl and index all the pages with out leaving any one the pages. It also attracts the visitors when the users might get bored by reading the whole page. It shows some more categories when they come to the bottom of the page. So we can make the users to guide through all the topic of the website. Including links is a web 2.0 style.

Guidelines -SEO Footer Optimization: