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Quick Heed is designed to teach HTML, CSS, SEO tutorial. These are the initial stages of learning the web technologies.

SEO is very different when compared to HTML, CSS. It is completely build of some legal techniques and tactics which were followed by all search engines. All the techniques and methods were clearly mentioned to help the beginners to learn the practical seo quickly - Seo Tutorial .

SEO Tutorial: It gives the overviews of SEO with complete details.
Keyword Research: It explains the keyword research and selection of good keywords.
On-Page SEO  : It is a process of creating of webpages according to the SEO Rules. It is very Important part of Seo Tutorial.
Off-Page SEO   :In this Tutorial you will learn link building techniques. You will find all types of link building techniques in this Seo Tutorial.

On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO
Domain name SEO Directory Submissions
File Name SEO Social Bookmarking
Title SEO Blog Commenting
Meta Tags SEO Forum Postings
Header Tag SEO Article Submisions
Anchor Text SEO Press Release Submissions
Image Tag SEO Local Business Listings
Footer SEO Search Engine Submissions
Keyword Denstiy, Proximity & Prominence Social Networking
HTML Code Optimization